Thursday, September 11, 2008


These last few months I've been involved in a Mobile TV implementation project using DVB-H technology. It is quite an interesting assignment as this is a rather new technology and also new to me. In fact this is also the first implementation in Indonesia for my company, NSN. Hence, it is in my company's interest to quickly build local competency on this field. And fate has it that I was just released from my previous project (I made it sounds as if my previous project was like a prison. Well, it was). Thus, here I am involved in this mobile TV thing.

The project itself is quite challenging. It covers end-to-end implementation from the head-end systems to the deployment of the physical DVB-H network with several transmitters. I myself was involved in the head-end implementation which includes subsystems such as the audio/video head-end, conditional access, interactivity, network management, and some business support systems.

Along the duration of the project I have learned several interesting things (some of those were not so interesting back then, since I had to learn them the hard way). For reasons unknown even to myself, somehow I have the urge to write about those things I learn. Given the fact that by now most of the work in the project is done, I find myself having the luxury of spare time. Now, blogging is something that I've been wanting to try for a while. Thus, I'll take this opportunity to start writing and sharing my humble experiences in this project, and perhaps also some other rambling thoughts that I have. I have never been a big fan of writing, hence I'm hoping I can also learn something by blogging.

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